Namibia Fact Check makes every effort to ensure that any and all information that is published on its website and social media pages is correct and accurate. However, we sometimes make mistakes.

It is our policy to make sure that errors are corrected as soon as possible after having been picked up or pointed out to us.

When we correct errors in our reports or articles we will do so transparently, by, first, acknowledging that such errors occurred and, second, by clearly pointing out what the errors were and how they have been addressed or fixed.

A note will be published at the top of an article or report, below the customary introductory sub-heading, in which an error occurred. The note will read:

NOTE: This article has been edited to correct an error. The error occurred in paragraph …

The note will go into brief specifics about the error, pointing out where in a report or article it occurred and what has been corrected.

Namibia Fact Check will also endeavour to notify its audiences and followers on the social media platforms where it is active and has promoted erroneous content of such errors.

That said, we encourage our audiences and followers to notify us should they come across errors in our work. We can be reached for this purpose at

When contacting us to report an error, kindly indicate in the subject line of your email the following: Error in [article headline] of [date].

You can also bring the error to our attention by commenting under the article or post in question on our social media feeds. We value any constructive feedback and criticism.