What Afrobarometer Round 9 says about Namibia – Part 1

Image Courtesy: Afrobarometer

The survey results always paint an interesting picture of Namibia, and here are some of the more telling ones.

On 19 September 2022 the summary of results for Namibia of round 9 of the influential Afrobarometer survey were released. The survey results are for the period October – November 2021.

Following are some of the more interesting take-aways from the latest Afrobarometer survey:

  • Three out of four, or 76% of, Namibians think the country is going “in the wrong direction”;
  • One out every three, or 33% of, Namibians think unemployment is the “most important problem facing this country”;
  • Interesting for when the survey was done, just one out of every hundred, or ±1% of, Namibians considered COVID-19 as one of the “most important problems facing this country”; 
  • One in four, or just over 27% of, Namibians appear to have fallen “ill with, or tested positive for, COVID-19” by mid-November 2021; 
  • One in three, or almost 35% of, Namibians “Temporarily or permanently lost a job, business or primary source of income” during the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • At the time, by mid-November 2021, one in four or 27% of respondents claimed to have  received “either one or two doses” of a COVID-19 vaccine;
  • Just over 61% of respondents were of the opinion that the Namibian government managed the response to the COVID-19 pandemic fairly to very well;
  • Almost 70% of respondents believed that a lot or some of the funds and resources earmarked by government for COVID-19 relief and support “was lost or stolen due to corruption”;  
  • Nearly seven out of 10, or 67% of, respondents believed the “present economic condition of this country” was very or fairly bad;
  • Almost 80% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that “government is like the people’s employee. It should respect citizens and do what they request”;
  • Almost 83% of respondents perceived Namibia to be a country where you were somewhat or completely free “to say what you think”.