FACTSHEET: National Budget 2020/21

Image courtesy: Ministry of Finance

Namibian finance minister Iipumbu Shiimi tabled the National Budget for 2020/21, under the theme ‘Together Defeating COVID-19, Together Thriving Again’, in the National Assembly on 27 May 2020.

These are the highlights:

  • N$ 727 million to cover Emergency Income Grant (EIG). N$ 561.96 million in expenditures so far. A total of 747,281 recipients have benefited and 120 000 are still expected to benefit;
  • N$ 645 million for the National Employment and Salary Protection Scheme;
  • N$ 500 million for non-agricultural government guaranteed SME loans through DBN;
  • N$ 350 million for agricultural business loan scheme and bridging finance through Agribank;
  • N$ 470 million capped one year tax-back loan scheme for non-mining corporates;
  • N$ 1.1 billion capped one year tax-back loan scheme for individual taxpayers;
  • Waiving of levies and duties on kerosene fuel;
  • N$ 600 million emergency budget to the Ministry of Basic Education, Arts and Culture.
  • Total of N$ 72.8 billion has been earmarked for spending under the 2020/21 National Budget, including interest payments.
Sector Breakdowns:

Social Sector
Ministerial VoteAllocation N$ (billion)
Basic Education, Arts and Culture14.2
Health and Social Services7.95
Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare 5.3
Higher Education, Training and Innovation 3.3

Economic & Infrastructure Sector
Ministerial VoteAllocation N$ (billion)
Agriculture, Water and Land Reform1.3
Industrialisation and Trade0.174

Public Safety and Order Sector
Ministerial VoteAllocation N$ (billion)
Home Affairs, Safety and Security5.95
Defence and Veterans Affairs6.2

Administrative Sector
Ministerial VoteAllocation N$ (billion)
Urban and Rural Development1.7
International Relations and Cooperation1.0
National Assembly and National Council0.232