Let’s talk about … Sloppy mask wearing!

Photo: Namibia Fact Check

There’s a lot of careless masking visible in public and unless we want to see a rise in infections again and the country reverting to stricter regulations, we better get this right.

Even senior government officials and parliamentarians are flouting proper mask-wearing guidelines on a daily basis, and in full public view.

Wearing a mask isn’t difficult, so there’s really no reason to still be getting it wrong in October 2020, 10 months into the COVID-19 pandemic. And yet, here we are …

Let’s try this …

This is a (cloth) mask …

Doing it right

This is how you wear a (cloth) mask … it should completely cover your nose and mouth.

Getting it wrong

And here are some common examples of how people have been getting it wrong …

Wearing your mask as a chin shield …

Wearing your mask as a chin and mouth shield …

Wearing the mask as a mouth shield (bunching over the mouth) …

Please, people, this is not hard. Wear the mask as it should be worn. Do it right for our collective health and hygiene.

We hope this message serves as a reminder and an appeal to consciences. And remember, wearing a mask is compulsory in public. It says so in the regulations that were issued on 23 September 2020 and terminate on 21 October 2020.

And, please, if you’re using disposable masks, don’t just toss them away in public, contributing to the already major problem of littering. Dispose of used masks in bins. Please! We really shouldn’t be seeing this sort of thing lying around in public places …

NOTE: The model for this public service announcement was not harmed in any way during the making of this message.

5th October 2020



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