The craziest COVID-19 hoaxes

Photo by Amaury Gutierrez on Unsplash

Getting COVID-19 from a cellphone tower isn’t even the stupidest thing we’ve heard out here. There’s been some real craziness accompanying the pandemic.

No doubt, social media has become a real cesspit of disinformation and the squalor of it has attached to many aspects of off-line life too, including how some among us engage with information in this time of health-related crisis and emergency.

Suffice to say, there’s been some real face-palm worthy absurdity spread around and on show since January 2020, and some people in your circles have shocked with the sorts of nonsense they’ve been sharing. No worries, we’ve sadly all been there.

And so we thought we’d pause a moment and appreciate just how crazy stupid things can get … when we really need it the least.

So, for your bafflement (and ours), here’s some of the crazier crap we’ve seen smelling up Namibian social media recently:


Yes, this was unavoidable … we all saw it … that disinfectant and UV light treatment thing … from a whole US president on live television …

Source: The Guardian / C-SPAN

And then, surprising no-one, the global army of Trump trolls emerged to try and make it all sound sensible …

A post was shared on Namibian WhatsApp groups in April 2020 after US president Trump spoke about UV light as a possible treatment for COVID-19.

Just so we’re clear here, ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy is considered ‘alternative’ or ‘pseudoscience’, so not real medicine …

Lions … really?

This was another prize-worthy face-slapper …

Who would believe … well apparently people, some people, would …

This post was shared among Namibian WhatsApp groups and Facebook profiles in March 2020.

As utterly ridiculous as this is, fact checkers around the world had to debunk this one … because people, some people …

So, drink sanitizer?

This was another prize April foolishness …

A post on a prominent Namibian Facebook profile in April 2020.

So we’re supposed to inject ourselves with or drink sanitizer? Help us out here …

Then you might as well drink bleach or methanol or ethanol

Some people were seriously exposing themselves posting stuff like this …

Hold your breath … and what?

C’mon, if you really think about it, that whole hold your breath for 10 seconds thing was really stupid …

This fake advice was around for a while in March and April 2020.

And yet, once again fact checkers everywhere had to jump in … and even the World Health Organisation (WHO) had to step in on this nonsense …

That’s just a taste of it, folks. Some in other places had to deal with drinking cow urine and eating dung

Sadly, there’s more, and more of it coming.

All we can say is, keep your head and stay safe. And remember …

Image courtesy: Unsplash

6th May 2020



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